Social Science Visiting Professorship (SSVP)

The Centre for Social Sciences (CSS) launches a call for applications for inviting internationally acclaimed foreign researchers for a period of 1–8 months to conduct research in Hungary.

The aims of the call

The SSVP programme represents a unique opportunity for individuals to expand their horizons, enlarge their networks, receive innovative research training and participate in high-quality research in the CSS.

The aim of the Call is to invite internationally acclaimed foreign researchers to conduct joint research work in research groups operating at CSS.

Planned starting date of the Professorship:

Any time before 1 November. The project has to be finished before 30 November 2022.

Eligibility: Senior researchers and post-doctoral fellows are eligible for this call. The Visiting Professor must be a resident in another country/affiliated with a foreign research institution.

Applications must be submitted jointly with a host researcher from CSS.

Priority is given to proposals which:

  • aim to prepare high-quality publications (journal articles in top journals or books at top  publishers)
  • aim to prepare international cooperation for applying to EU and other funding resources
  • transfer new knowledge to CSS (new methodologies, etc).


Social Science Visiting Professorship covers the following costs of the Visiting Professor:

  • Net salary in HUF equivalent to maximum EUR 2,000. Additional research grant of up to 5 million HUF/project depending on the duration of the project. Grant can only be applied for a minimum stay of 1 month.

Applications should include:

  • The data of the Visiting Professor (name, institutional affiliation, CV, list of publications or URL).
  • Research proposal including the short abstract of the planned research (implementation plan), the theoretical background of the planned research, methodology and data, planned publications, and a tentative timeline. If the duration of the proposal longer than 3 months a detailed research plan is a must.
  • Planned external funding source(s) for further research/publication plan/description on training (lectures held by the Applicant).
  • The description of any other activities planned for the duration of the stay (lectures, training, etc.) if relevant.
  • A detailed budget plan if additional research grant is applied for.
  • Successful applications need to demonstrate the synergy between the hosting department and the proposed candidate. Please attach a short description (reference letter) by the host researcher.
  • The current employer's statement of consent.

How to apply:

Via e-mail by the principal investigator to the e-mail address at least one month prior to the planned start of the stay. The application submitted will be checked by the Secretariat of the Director General. Where the application does not meet the formal requirements specified in the call, we will, not later than 7 days after the submission of the application, either send a confirmation of admission of the application for evaluation to the applicant or shall reject the application without evaluating it.

Proposals are submitted in a single-stage and evaluated in one step by the experts against all evaluation criteria.

Evaluation of proposals: Formally incomplete applications may not be considered.

Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following award criteria:

  • the quality of the research proposals,
  • the excellence of the Applicant,
  • expected impact:  developing new and long-term research collaborations, achieving transfer of knowledge and contribution to improving research and innovation potential at the Centre of Social Sciences.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat of the Director General by e-mail