Megjelent a DEMOS projekt eredményeit bemutató kötet

2022. október 12.

Democratic efficacy and the varieties of populism in Europe. Selected findings 
Szerkesztette Boda Zsolt

DEMOS has studied the populist phenomenon from a multitude of perspectives and disciplines, combining insights from psychology, sociology, political science, legal studies, media studies, and policy studies using experimental research, deliberative polling, qualitative methods, survey research, interpretive analysis, legal analysis, and theoretical research. The results of the project have been published in dozens of publications, including the project’s own Working Paper series, peer-reviewed journal articles, essays, book chapters, and edited volumes. This section does not aim to recap and summarise all these publications. Instead, it provides a selection of some of the most important and interesting research results. On each topic, an overview of the research result is provided, followed by the link to the publication. Some of the materials are published articles and, in other cases, when the publication is a work in progress, we refer to it as a DEMOS Working Paper. Most of the studies presented here have many authors. This collection of papers is organised under four general titles: The populist phenomenon; Roots of populism; Impacts of populism; and Reactions to populism. The papers all represent research findings. Many of them have policy implications, but these aspects are covered in a collection of policy briefs available on the project website.