Honest signalling: from microbes to humans – konferenciafelhívás

Conference organised by the Computational Social Science – RECENS Research Group of CSS

14–15 September, 2023 :: Centre of Social Science Budapest

Organizers: Szabolcs Számadó, Sarah Zala, István Zachár, Károly Takács

More details

Our goal with this conference is to integrate scientific theories and fields of different domains to build a new foundation to explain emergent honest communication. For this end, we will bring together experts from different fields ranging from biology, anthropology, economics to sociology, and to facilitate discussions of the proximate mechanisms and evolutionary functions of honest signalling from microbes to humans.


If you are interested in presenting, please send a title and an abstract of no more than one page to the conference organizers before the deadline of 30 June, 2023. 

E-mail: szamado.szabolcs@tk.hu and freigang.istvan@tk.hu

There is no registration fee, but presenters should confirm their participation by e-mail until 24 July, 2023

The call for abstracts is available in pdf: HERE

Important dates:

  • Abstract submission deadline: 30 June, 2023
  • Acceptance decisions by 10 July, 2023
  • Registration by e-mail for presenters: 24 July, 2023
  • Finalization of the program: 31 July, 2023
  • Workshop date: 14–15 September, 2023. Detailed programme information will be announced later.