New forms of social integration. Az Intersections folyóirat felhívása

A teljes felhívás  a folyóirat honlapján olvasható

Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics (IEEJSP) invites original research papers for its thematic issue. Guest Editors: Márton Gerő (Centre for Social Sciences); Imre Kovách (Centre for Social Sciences); Luca Kristóf (Centre for Social Sciences)

Recurrent crises of contemporary societies led to new forms of inequalities accompanied by growing importance of disparities, a renewed urban-rural divide, sharpening political polarization and exclusive social identities. Under these circumstances, traditional approaches to social stratification provide a less and less satisfactory explanation for how new forms of inequity develop, and how they reorganize our societies on the local and global level. Furthermore, this transformation means not only the emergence of new forms of difference, but social forms and mechanisms of social integration are also changing. Understanding the realignment of social inequalities requires a novel and complex approach to social integration.

This thematic issue is looking for studies exploring reinterpreted theory and new ways of social integration, and their relationship with new forms of inequality especially effecting the role of:

  • institutions and mechanisms of social integration
  • political integration, including civil society and social movements
  • redistributive policies
  • territorial context of integration
  • employment, labour and labour market
  • interpersonal relations, trust, values and the perception of the society on the micro level.

We also welcome interdisciplinary and comparative papers that examine contemporary social changes from the perspective of integration.

We invite scholars to submit an abstract of 600–800 words including a short bio (100 words) and the description of the main question(s) and finding(s) of the paper along with the methodology applied, by 30 October 2022 to all three editors (email: The deadline for submitting final papers is 30 January 2022. The issue is scheduled for publication in the second half of 2023.