Négy új EU-s kutatási projekt indul a TK-ban

Négy új projekt indul a TK-ban Európai Uniós kutatási támogatások keretében, nemzetközi konzorciumokkal együttműködésben.


Visual Persuasion in a Transforming Europe: the affective and polarizing power of visual content in online political discourse
Principal investigators: Dániel Oross, Dániel Mikecz
€ 108,350, 36 months.
Call title: CHANSE - Transformations: Social and cultural dynamics in the digital age


Litigating change: training lawyers on the EU rule of law acquis
Principal investigator: Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz
€106 939
Call for proposals for action grants to support transnational projects on training of justice professionals covering civil law, criminal law or fundamental rights


Repoliticize Gender: Improving sexes’ substantive representation and widening gender horizons of expectations for a better more inclusive democratic future
Principal investigators: Katalin Tardos, Judit Acsády 
36 months, € 141,438
Call: Feminisms for a new age of democracy

The REpresentative DIsconnect: diagnosis and strategies for RECTification
Principal investigators: Zsófia Papp and Pál Susánszky
48 months, €186,500
Call: Representative democracy in flux