New Horizon Europe projects to launch

July 2023

The Horizon Europe research project proposal MORES – "Moral emotions in politics: how they unite, how they divide" submitted by CSS (project leader Zsolt Boda) was successful and got funding. CSS will lead the European consortium.

Four other proposals with the participation of CSS also received funding recently, these are:

Providing research infrastructure services to support Next Generation EU (Infra4NextGen), lead by Vera Messing, and Bence Ságvári

Grievance Politics and Democracy (PLEDGE) lead by Gabriella Szabó

Democratising Education with Children and Communities in Europe (EXPECT_Art) lead by Zsuzsa Árendás, and Vera Messing

Innovating Spaces of Participation: Inclusive, Resilient, Embedded (INSPIRE) lead by Dániel Oross