Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the homepage of the Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest.

The Centre for Social Sciences (CSS)  is the flagship research institute of social sciences in Hungary. It conducts disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the areas of sociology, political science, computational social science, network science, minority studies and legal studies using the latest scientific methods and high quality research data.

CSS Budapest is dedicated to building collaborative, trans-disciplinary research networks both within Hungary and internationally.


Our mission is to foster excellence and innovation in the social sciences and provide impactful research that can help to solve contemporary social challenges.

The main pillars of our scientific mission are:

- to plan and conduct rigorous social research,

- to reach a broad audience with the findings,

- to support future generations of social scientists.


The vision of CSS Budapest is to be the leading research institution for social sciences in the region. CSS Budapest should be an indispensable source for those who seek to deepen their knowledge about social changes, legal developments and political trends in Hungary and the region. Furthermore, it wants to foster an open conversation with other scientists and social actors, founded in research and analysis.


Autonomy: Our research is nonpartisan and objective. We report findings that are based on unbiased empirical inquiry.

Competence: We undertake highly relevant, cutting-edge research.

Dynamics: We are able to react quickly to the latest research trends and methods.

Integrity: We are committed to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our activity and prioritise trustworthiness both within our organisation and in our dealings with others.

Transparency: We disclose our methods, resources and processes and provide free access to our publications and our research data for scientifical re-use.


CSS Budapest - Excellence. Innovation. Social impact.