CSS Award for Best Publication of the year

Zsolt Boda, Director General of the Centre for Social Sciences awarded Best Publication of the Year of each institute at CSS. The papers were introduced to colleagues at the general annual meeting on 23 March, 2023.

At the same occasion, Judit Elek and Éva Kusztor, librarians were awarded Employee Recognition for their excellent work.

The authors and their publications are:

Institute for Minority Studies, CSS

Neumann, Eszter: Education for a Christian nation. Religion and nationalism in the Hungarian education policy discourse. European Education Research Journal, IF 1,701.

Institute for Legal Studies, CSS

Hoffmann, Tamás: Illegal Legality and the Façade of Good Faith. Migration and Law in Populist Hungary. Review of Central and East European Law, Vol. 47. Q1

Institute for Political Studies, CSS

Papp, Zsófia: Environmental attitudes, environmental problems and party choice. A large-N comparative study. Political Geography, IF 3,62

Institute for Sociology, CSS

Herke Boglárka, Janky Béla: The Role of the Deservingness Criteria in the case of Single Mothers’ Perceived Welfare Deservingness in Hungary. Journal of Social Policy, 2021. december 6. pp.  1–21. FirstView, 3.269 D1

Computational Social Science –RECENS Research Group, CSS

Kutasi K, Koltai Júlia, Szabó-Morvai Á, Röst G, Karsai M, Biró P, Lengyel B: Understanding hesitancy with revealed preferences across COVID-19 vaccine types. Scientific Reports 12 : 1, Paper: 13293, 10 p., IF 4,38

Child Opportunities Research Group, CSS

Husz Ildikó, Kopasz Marianna, Medgyesi Márton: Social Workers’ Causal Attributions for Poverty: Does the level of spatial concentration of disadvantages matter? Social Indicators Research 162. 1069–1091, Q1, IF: 2.935