Science and vaccine scepticism in light of political ideologies and partisanship during the third COVID-19 wave in Hungary

The paper When Ideology Matters More - Science and Vaccine Scepticism in Light of Political Ideologies and Partisanship during the Third COVID-19 Wave in Hungary by Eszter Farkas, Balázs Böcskei and Andrea Szabó is published in Politics in Central Europe.

Our article with Andrea Szabó and Balázs Böcskei is out now in Politics in Central Europe. We scrutinized the role of political ideology, party preference and media consumption habits on trust in science in general on the one hand and related to covid-19 on the other. We found that the role of partisanship disappeared when we asked respondents about how much they trust scientists' ability to improve effective vaccines against the coronavirus. Moreover, the type of media where they get informed about covid-19 might influence this relationship as well: interestingly, the opinion of government and opposition voters who regularly watch television is quite similar, while opposition supporters who read news on social media primarily might be more "science sceptical" than government supporters.