Centre for Social Sciences in H2020 and Horizon Europe

Budapest, 4 July 2023

Established in 2012, the Centre for Social Sciences (CSS), a Centre of Excellence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, is currently a partner in nine EU-funded projects within the frameworks of both Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. This amounts to over €1.3 million in funding for excellent and innovative research.

CSS is part of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network, an independent public institution managed by a 13-member Governing Board and accountable to the Hungarian Parliament. CSS is classified as a public budgetary institution, making it eligible not only to submit proposals to any EU funding programme but also to participate in EU-funded projects as a coordinator, partner, or sole beneficiary.

Statement on the Legal Status of the Centre for Social Sciences

CSS and EU funding

Read more about CSS’s participation in both research and innovation projects, as well as the excellent research funded by the EU, below.

As a Consortium leader

DEMOS – To better understand populism and address the challenges it brings, DEMOS studied the phenomenon from a multitude of perspectives and disciplines through the lens of democratic efficacy. This new idea, inspired by the notion of political efficacy, captures citizens’ subjective attitudes towards politics. Not only has DEMOS shown that higher levels of democratic efficacy contribute to weakening populist attitudes, but it has also developed innovative tools to develop it and safeguard liberal democracy. DEMOS was led and coordinated by CSS’s Director-General, Zsolt Boda. Read more about DEMOS, its scientific discoveries, and conclusions on the website: https://demos-h2020.eu/en

Ongoing projects as a consortium partner

Project Reference No and Title, Funding programme

Period (start and end date)


HORIZON EU / RIA, GA 101095142, REDIRECT (The REpresentative DIsconnect: diagnosis and strategies for RECTification)

2023.02.01 – 2027.01.31


HORIZON EU / RIA, GA 101060836, UNTWIST (Policy recommendations to regain feminist losers as mainstream voters)

2023.02.01 – 2026.01.31


EC DG Justice, GA 101046313, LighT_JUST-2021-JTRA (Litigating change: training lawyers on the EU rule of law acquis)

2023.01.15 – 2024.11.14


H2020, GA 101004564, BRIDGES (Bridges to assess the production and impact of migration narratives)

2021.03.01 – 2024.02.29


H2020 RIA, GA 951832, OPTED (Observatory for Political Texts in European Democracies - A European Research Infrastructure)

2020.10.01 – 30.09.23


H2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN, GA 956082, RE-DWELL: Delivering affordable and sustainable housing in Europe


2020.10.01 – 2024.09.30


EFOP (Human Resources Development Operational Program), EFOP 1.4.1-15-2016-00001, Child Opportunities Research Group (CORG), “Give Kids a Chance”

2016.04.01 – 2023.09.30


H2020 RIA, GA 871063, ESS-SUSTAIN-2: Next Steps in Securing the Sustainability of the European Social Survey, European Research Infrastructure Consortium

2020.01.01 – 2024.03.31


H2020 RIA, GA 817642, RURALIZATION: The opening of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms

2019.05.01 – 2023.04.30



European Research Council (ERC) grants at CSS

Dorottya Szikra: Senior Country Lead in the recently funded ERC Consolidator Grant project WelfareExperiences. Szikra will contribute to the project led by Ben Baumberg Geiger, the Principal Investigator from King’s College London, examining how different welfare systems can affect people’s mental health and chances of returning to the labour market. Read more about the project at: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/3-million-awarded-to-analyse-how-it-feels-to-claim-benefits-in-different-countries

Károly Takács: Principal Investigator of the EVILTONGUE project (ERC Consolidator Grant), which began at CSS. Takács has used analytical modelling, dynamic networks, and agent-based simulations to analyse the role of gossip in fostering reputational signals that may ultimately lead to cooperation in workgroups, prevent social exclusion, and avoid the potentially harmful consequences of the “evil tongue”. Read more about the ERC-funded project at: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/648693

CSS is currently working, in cooperation with several institutions across Europe, on six project proposals for the Horizon Europe framework programme. Since January 2023, CSS has successfully submitted 15 proposals to Horizon Europe calls, both as a consortium partner and project coordinator.

CSS has an extensive portfolio of innovative research projects conducted both within its premises and in partnership with international institutions. Moreover, CSS facilitates partners in accessing the expertise of its distinguished researchers for collaborative participation in EU-funded calls through its “Expertise Offers” programme.

Contact information for CSS’s International Funding Office

Vinicius Gorczeski (Research Impact & Communications Officer): vinicius.gorczeski@tk.hu

Beata Bozso (Head of Project Office): bozso.beata@tk.hu

Veronika Tamas (Head of the Director-General’s Office): veronika.tamas@tk.hu