Attitudes Toward Immigration in Europe. New publication by Ivett Szalma

Ivett Szalma & Marieke Heers (2024) 
Attitudes Toward Immigration in Europe.
Understanding the Links Between Pronatalism and Voluntary Childlessness, 
International Journal of Sociology, DOI: 10.1080/00207659.2024.2319420

Many European countries have pronatalist family policies, but the fertility rate is below replacement and the number of childless adults is rising. Demographers and politicians debate immigration as a method to increase the labour force and maintain population size. This study examines immigration acceptability criteria through the lens of deliberate childlessness to better comprehend these concerns. Within and between European nations, attitudes towards immigrants and deliberate childlessness vary. Selective pronatalists believe both variables could endanger the nation. In this study, we examine how opinions towards immigration and deliberate childlessness connect. As economic and cultural threats, immigrants are viewed differently. Multilevel linear regression models are used with European Social Survey (Round 9) data. We found a considerable correlation between immigrant acceptance and individual childlessness. Higher female childlessness rates are connected with more positive immigration attitudes at the country level.